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englandstats.com | 139 - England 1-2  Wales, Monday, 3rd March 1924, British Home Championship, Ewood Park, Blackburn

Match No. 139 - Monday, 3rd March 1924

    • William Davies
    • Ted Vizard
    • GK
    • Albert Gray  
    • RB
    • Moses Russell  
    • LB
    • Jack Jenkins  
    • HB
    • Herbie Evans  
    • HB
    • Fred Keenor  
    • HB
    • Billy Jennings  
    • OR
    • Willie Davies  
    • IR
    • Jack Nicholls  
    • CF
    • Len Davies  
    • IL
    • Dick Richards  
    • OL
    • Ted Vizard  


  • Player Milestone:  Ronald Sewell's Only Cap
  • Player Milestone:  Thomas Mort's 1st Cap
  • Player Milestone:  David Jack's 1st Cap
  • Player Milestone:  Tommy Roberts' Last Cap
  • Player Milestone:  Clem Stephenson's Only Cap


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