Match No. 171 - Saturday, 10th May 1930, 5:30pm

    • Richard Hofmann, 20'
    • Richard Hofmann c50'
    • Richard Hofmann, 60'
    • GK
    • Willibald KreƟ  
    • RB
    • Hans Brunke  
    • LB
    • Heinrich Weber  
    • HB
    • Georg Kuoepfle  
    • HB
    • Ludwig Leinberger  
    • HB
    • Hugo Mantel  
    • OR
    • Ernst Albrecht  
    • IR
    • Josef Hornauer  
    • CF
    • Schmith?  
    • IL
    • Richard Hofmann  
    • OL
    • Ludwig Hofmann (c) 


  • Player Injury:  "Most unfortunately Marsden, the English left-half, was severely hurt, apparently in a collision with one of the English backs, early in the game. He played on, but at half-time was unfit to continue. He was taken to hospital, and the German Football Association is seeing to it that he has the best of care and treatment. The nature of his injury is not clear, but it is understood that the doctors are satisfied with his condition."
    Sadly for Marsden, the Times was mistaken. It was quite a serious spinal injury. Marsden never played football again.
  • Player Injury:  Just after Bradford's opening goal "Blenkinsop was injured in a collision with the German inside right and had to retire for ten minutes."
  • German Goalscorers:  Opinion is divided as to who scored the 2nd & 3rd German goals. With two Hoffman forwards on the pitch it's hardly suprising. The Times states that "...inside-left, [Richard] Hoffmann, of Dresden, who scored all their three goals..." whilst The Observer says "...[Ludwig] Hoffman of Munich the outside left added his second and Germany's third."
  • Player Milestone:  Billy Marsden's Last Cap


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