Match No. 124 - Monday, 14th March 1921

      • GK
      • Teddy Peers  
      • RB
      • Harry Millership  
      • LB
      • Moses Russell  
      • HB
      • Fred Keenor  
      • HB
      • Joe Jones  
      • HB
      • Tommy Matthias  
      • OR
      • Rees Williams  
      • IR
      • Ivor Jones  
      • CF
      • Frank Hoddinott  
      • IL
      • Stan Davies  
      • OL
      • Ted Vizard  


    • Player MilestoneBert Coleman's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneWarney Cresswell's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneJack Silcock's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneJack Bamber's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneGeorge Wilson's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneTom Bromilow's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneHenry Chambers' 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneAlf Quantrill's Last Cap


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    •  Alexander A Jackson


    • 12,000

    Half Time Score

    • Wales 0 - 0 England

    ELO Rankings

    •  England - 9th   1
    •  Wales - 23rd