Match No. 127 - Saturday, 22nd October 1921

  • Billy Gillespie
    • GK
    • Elisha Scott  
    • RB
    • Billy McCracken  
    • LB
    • Dave Rollo  
    • HB
    • Bob McCracken  
    • HB
    • Johnny Scraggs  
    • HB
    • Billy Emerson  
    • OR
    • Billy Lacey  
    • IR
    • Billy Gillespie  
    • CF
    • Jack Doran  
    • IL
    • Allan Mathieson  
    • OL
    • Louis Bookman  


  • Player MilestoneJerry Dawson's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneTommy Lucas' 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneFrank A Moss' 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneBilly Kirton's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneErnie Simms' Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneGeorge Harrison's Last Cap
  • Goal MilestoneBilly Kirton's 1st Goal
  • Player MilestoneGeorge Wilson's 1st Captaincy


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  •  Alexander A Jackson


  • 30,000

Half Time Score

  • Ireland 1 - 1 England

ELO Rankings

  •  England - 9th   1
  •  Ireland - 30th