Match No. 136 - Thursday, 24th May 1923

  • Hacke Dahl, 41'
    • GK
    • Sigge Lindberg  
    • RB
    • Albert Andersson  
    • LB
    • Gösta Wihlborg  
    • HB
    • Sven Lindqvist  
    • HB
    • John Persson  
    • HB
    • Ivar Klingström  
    • OR
    • Rune Bergström  
    • IR
    • Hacke Dahl  
    • CF
    • Gunnar Olsson  
    • IL
    • Albin Dahl  
    • OL
    • Putte Kock  


  • Status DisputeThere is contention over the validity of this match. It was agreed beforehand by the two associations that it would be unofficial because the Swedish team was a combination team. However, the English FA have since declared it official in their records. The Swedish FA & FIFA disagree and credit this match as being unofficial. It is included here because the FA awarded caps for this match.
  • Player MilestoneErnest Williamson's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneJack Silcock's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneBasil Patchitt's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneBilly Moore's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneHarold Miller's Only Cap
  • Goal MilestoneHarold Miller's 1st Goal
  • Goal MilestoneBilly Moore's 1st Goal


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  • Unknown


  • 12,000

Half Time Score

  • Sweden 1 - 3 England

ELO Rankings

  •  England - 5th   0
  •  Sweden - th