Match No. 157 - Saturday, 22nd October 1927

  • Herbert Jones, 36' (og)
  • Jackie Mahood, 72'
    • GK
    • Elisha Scott  
    • RB
    • Andy McCluggage  
    • LB
    • Billy McConnell  
    • HB
    • Sam Irving  
    • HB
    • Gerry Morgan  
    • HB
    • Tom Sloan  
    • OR
    • Jmmy Chambers  
    • IR
    • Bobby Irvine  
    • CF
    • Hugh Davey  
    • IL
    • Billy Gillespie  
    • OL
    • Jackie Mahood  


  • Player InjuryTed Hufton broke his arm during the game and was taken off after 40 minutes and rushed to hospital.
  • Player InjuryJack Hill had to retire due to a leg injury at half time. England played the rest of the match with 9 men.
  • Player MilestoneTom Cooper's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneHarry Nuttall's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneHarry Storer's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneStan Earle's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneJack Ball's Only Cap


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  •  Thomas R Dougray


  • 30,000

Half Time Score

  • Ireland 2 - 0 England

ELO Rankings

  •  England - 11th   3
  •  Ireland - 20th