Match No. 162 - Monday, 22nd October 1928

  • Joe Bambrick
    • GK
    • Elisha Scott
    • RB
    • Andy McCluggage
    • LB
    • Bob Hamilton
    • HB
    • Sam Irving
    • HB
    • Tom Sloan
    • HB
    • Gerry Morgan
    • OR
    • Jimmy Chambers
    • IR
    • Bobby Irvine
    • CF
    • Joe Bambrick
    • IL
    • Billy Gillespie
    • OL
    • Jackie Mahood


  • Player InjuryJim Barrett was injured after only 4 minutes and England continued with only ten men. "In making a great drive with his left foot Barratt [sic] twisted his left knee, and was unable to take any further part in the game. It is feared that he misplaced a martilage [sic]." England played out the rest of the match with ten men.
  • Missed Penalty: Dixie Dean1st miss from 1st taken (0.0%). England's 10th overall. With the scores at 0-0, "[Scott]... stopped a penalty shot by Dean awarded when McCluggage knocked down [with his hands] a cross pass from Ruffell. Dean drove the ball with tremendous force, and when the goalkeeper flung out his hands and pushed it away, the centre forward threw up his arms in amazement." It was the fourth consecutive penalty miss for England.
  • Player MilestoneJack Hacking's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneJim Barrett's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneAussie Campbell's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneErnie Hine's 1st Cap


  • Hull Daily Mail "Ireland Outclassed", Tuesday 23rd october 1928, page 9.
  • The History of the English Football League: Part One 1888-1930 by Michael J. Slade (Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. 2013)



  • Evan Charles Sambrooke


  • 25,000

Half Time Score

ELO Rankings

  • England - 13th
  • Ireland - 21st