Match No. 214 - Wednesday, 1st December 1937, 2:30pm

  • Antonín Puč, 15'
  • Oldřich Nejedlý, 44'
  • Josef Zeman, 73'
  • Oldřich Nejedlý, 80'
    • GK
    • František Plánićka (c) 
    • RB
    • Josef Košťálek  
    • LB
    • Ferdinand Daučík  
    • HB
    • Antonín Vodićka  
    • HB
    • Jaroslav Bouček  
    • HB
    • Karel Kolský  
    • OR
    • Jan Říha  
    • IR
    • Frantićek Kloz  
    • CF
    • Josef Zeman  
    • IL
    • Oldřich Nejedlý  
    • OL
    • Antonín Puč  


  • Player Injury: MillsThe Times notes that "Mills was hurt early on and went out to the right wing; then he partially recovered and went back to his proper position." whilst the Sheffield Independent states "[Mills] was knocked dizzy through a collision in the first ten mintues, played part of the game at outside-right, and 80 minutes of it with one eye practically closed."
  • Player Injury: CraystonThe Times: "When the teams came out after half-time Crayston, limping a little and obviously not able to go all out for the ball, was at outside-right and Hall dropped back to right half-back." Sheffiled Independent: "In addition, Crayston fell lame in the first half, and after the interval had to play at outside-right, with Hall at right-halfback. This meant Matthews playing the greater part of the game at inside-right..."
  • Match InfoMany publications note that the game finished in almost near darkness.
  • Hat-Trick: Stanley Matthews1st hat-trick (32nd overall). 53 minutes between first and third goals.
  • Player MilestoneSam Barkas' Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneJack Crayston's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneGeorge Mills' Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneJohn Morton's Only Cap
  • Goal MilestoneJohn Morton's 1st Goal
  • Goal MilestoneStanley Matthews' 1st Goal


  • The Times "Stern Challenge by Czechoslovakia", Thursday 2nd December 1937, Page 6
  • Sheffield Independent "Czechs wipe out 4-2 lead but Matthews scores near time: Vistors' fine rally against crippled England side", Thursday 2nd December 1937, page 8.


  •  England - Committee
  •  Czechoslovakia - Josef Tesar


  •  John Langenus


  • 45,879

Half Time Score

  • England 3 - 2 Czechoslovakia

ELO Rankings

  •  England - 4th   0
  •  Czechoslovakia - 10th