Red Cards

  • Whilst referees have been allowed to "warn" players or "send them from the field" since the 19th century the use of red and yellow cards were not adopted until the 1970 World Cup Finals in Mexico. Also the reporting of cautions were not widespread in contemporary media nor in official match reports even up until the 1966 World Cup finals making it difficult to document. After the '66 England-Argentina quarter-final in which Argentine captain Antonio Rattin was dismissed and three other Argentines had been booked, Alf Ramsay asked FIFA and the referee to clarify if both Jack and Bobby Charlton had been cautioned as well. They had, but in the melee of the match it was very unclear. As a direct result of that match, the head of FIFA's refereeing committee, Ken Aston, eventually struck on the idea of using a "traffic light" system of cards with yellow representing a caution and red as an expulsion.

    We have been able to document 335 England Yellow Cards. But as detailed above, this list is not exhaustive.

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  • 15 England Red Cards
  • Violent Conduct. Sterling and Valencia are both sent off. Sterling for a late challenge on Valencia and the Ecuadorian for grabbing the Englishman's throat in retaliation. - Raheem Sterling (1st) 79th minute, v Ecuador, 4th Jun 2014, Friendly
  • Second Yellow. Gerrard is dimissed for two cautionable offences (foul tackles). The first after tackling Ruslan Rotan; the second on Denys Garmash. - Steven Gerrard (1st) 88th minute, v Ukraine, 11th Sep 2012, World Cup Qualifier
  • Dismissed for a retaliatory kick at Džudović. Rooney becomes the second player to be dismissed twice for England. - Wayne Rooney (2nd) 74th minute, v Montenegro, 7th Oct 2011, European Championship Qualifier
  • Denying a goalscoring opportunity. Robert Green brings down Artem Milevskiy in the area and is the 11th player and first goalkeeper to be sent off for England. - Rob Green (1st) 14th minute, v Ukraine, 10th Oct 2009, World Cup Qualifier
  • Violent Conduct. Rooney is shown a straight red card after he stamped on Ricardo Carvalho. - Wayne Rooney (1st) 62nd minute, v Portugal, 1st Jul 2006, World Cup Finals
  • Beckham's dismissal on 59 minutes is the 10th sending off. The first by an England starting captain (Ray Wilkins was sent off wearing the captain's armband in the World Cup 1986 but was the replacement captain after Bryan Robson dislocated his shoulder) and the first player to be sent off twice playing for England. - David Beckham (2nd) 59th minute, v Austria, 8th Oct 2005, World Cup Qualifier
  • Second Yellow. Alan Smith is sent off after committing two cautionable offences (foul tackles). - Alan Smith (1st) 90th minute, v Macedonia, 16th Oct 2002, European Championship Qualifier
  • David Batty is shown a straight red card after committing a late tackle on Radoslaw Michalski. - David Batty (1st) 84th minute, v Poland, 8th Sep 1999, European Championship Qualifier
  • Second Yellow. Paul Scholes became the first England player sent off on English soil after committing two cautionable offences (late tackles). - Paul Scholes (1st) 51st minute, v Sweden, 5th Jun 1999, European Championship Qualifier
  • Seocnd Yellow. Dismissed for two cautionable offences (foul tackles), the second coming 30 seconds after the first. The second red card for England in successive games. - Paul Ince (1st) 66th minute, v Sweden, 5th Sep 1998, European Championship Qualifier
  • Violent Conduct. Beckham is sent off for an impetuous retaliatory kick at Diego Simeone after being fouled by the Argentinian. - David Beckham (1st) 47th minute, v Argentina, 30th Jun 1998, World Cup Finals
  • Ray Wilkins received his second caution of the game after throwing the ball at the referee. - Ray Wilkins (1st) 43rd minute, v Morocco, 6th Jun 1986, World Cup Finals
  • Trevor Cherry is sent off after nastily tackling Daniel Bertoni from behind. Bertoni was also dismissed after retaliating by punching Cherry in the face! - Trevor Cherry (1st) 83rd minute, v Argentina, 12th Jun 1977, Friendly
  • Alan Ball became the second England player to be sent off after grabbing Lewslaw Cmikiewicz by the throat and kneeing him in the groin after a player scuffle. - Alan Ball (1st) 76th minute, v Poland, 6th Jun 1973, World Cup Qualifier
  • Alan Mullery is the first man to be sent off for England for kicking out at Dobrivoje Trivic. - Alan Mullery (1st) 89th minute, v Yugoslavia, 5th Jun 1968, European Championship Finals