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England Out.

  • Outplayed by Iceland.

  • England are out of a major tournament once again. Well played Iceland. You were magnificent.

    We'll be back in September for some World Cup qualifiers. If anyone can be bothered.


  •   Posted: 27th June 2016 10:02pm

England v Iceland Preview

  • Winners take on France in the quarter finals

  • England and Iceland meet in the last of the round of sixteen matches for this years Euro 2016 later this evening. The winners will face France at the Stade de France on Sunday 3rd July.
    Iceland, the lowest ranked of the sixteen teams to qualify from their groups, have been the surprise package of Euro 2016. In their group games they drew with Portugal and Hungary and scored that last minute winner against Austria that went viral thanks to Icelandic commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson's screams of joy. If you haven't seen/heard it yet, its here. However, this shouldn't be that surprising as they qualified for France from a difficult group including Czech Republic, Turkey and the Netherlands (who they beat home and away) to revel in their first ever major tournament.
    England and Iceland have met twice, the first was in 1982; a B Team match upgraded to a full international ended 1-1, and a Euro 2004 warm-up match in which England won 6-1.
    As England have not won a knock-out match at a major tournament since beating Ecuador in the last 16 of the 2006 World Cup, Roy Hodgson and his men will be hoping for something nearer the latter, rather than the former.
  •   Posted: 27th June 2016 7:44am

Failure to beat Slovakia means harder route.

  • But second round match might not be too bad.

  • England will play either Iceland, Hungary, Portugal or Austria in Nice next Monday in the round of 16.

    Despite the malfunctioning Ronaldo we think Roy Hodgson would be quite keen to avoid Portugal if possible. And they might just do it. Having had a look at the permutations from Group F we've worked out that there are only two scenarios where Portugal finish second.

    Firstly, if both final matches are drawn but the Hungary/Portugal game scores more goals than Iceland/Austria

    the other is if Iceland and Portugal both win but Iceland score more.

    Any other combination will see either Austria, Iceland or Hungary in second place.

    We'll have to wait until 5pm on Wednesday to find out.
  •   Posted: 20th June 2016 8:16pm

England Permutations

  • An Update following the Albania - Romania Match

  • Should England beat Slovakia
    They will play their 2nd round match in Paris on 25th June against


    Group A 3rd placed - Albania
    Group C 3rd placed - currently Northern Ireland
    Group D 3rd placed - currently Czech Republic

    Should England draw against Slovakia and Wales beat Russia

    England will play their 2nd round match in Nice on 27th June against
    Group F runner-up - currently Iceland

    Should England lose to Slovakia and Wales beat Russia

    England will probably play their 2nd round match in Lille on 26th June against
    Group C winner - currently Germany
    Or In Lens on 25th June against
    Group D winner - currently Spain

    However, should England lose to Slovakia there is still a slim possibility that England could be eliminated as one of the worst ranked 3rd placed teams.
  •   Posted: 19th June 2016 11:10pm

England v Slovakia Preview

  • Euro 2016 game 3

  • The new style UEFA European Championship has had it's naysayers but there is much to rejoice about it's new format; three reasons at least.
    Firstly, it's brought more countries to the party, countries who are at the finals for the first time and, boy are they doing well. Northern Ireland, Wales and Iceland to name but three.
    Secondly, it's afforded a more open tournament; with sixteen of the twenty-four teams progressing to the knockout stages, there are no dead rubbers and all but one team (sorry Ukraine) can still qualify. Teams have qualification in their own hands.
    Thirdly, it is a statisticians dream! The current permutations of the 2nd round matches have been changing every day and will continue to change until the final group games are completed. Since England beat Wales on Thursday they have been on course to play Czech Republic then Romania and back again to the Czechs. This could change further still with a mouthwatering tie between Wales or England v Northern Ireland waiting in the wings.
    OK, so what do England have to do against Slovakia to get to the next round? Well, we'll tell you:
    Win and they will win Group B and play probably Romania or Czech Republic in Paris on 25th June. N.B. There are smaller probabilities of the other third-placed teams but the above two look most likely.
    The same will happen if England draw and Wales do not win.
    If Wales win and England draw they will play second place in Group F in Nice on 27th June. That is currently Iceland but it could be any of the four teams in Group F.
    Lose and it gets tricky, but still highly probable they will still qualify. Goals conceded will be a factor and possibly it could come down to discipline. England have only been shown one yellow card so far. Having said all of that a horrendous second round tie v Germany would probably await. So let's just win the game and not have to bother with the maths.
  •   Posted: 19th June 2016 9:18am