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  • Bank Holiday Weekend Disruption

  • Hi all,
    You might find a few pages inaccessible over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend as we upgrade to PHP 7.2. Apologies in advance. Everything should be back to normal by Monday 28th May.
  •   Posted: 27th May 2018 9:45am

UEFA Nations League Draw

  • England in Group A4

  • England will play Croatia and Spain home and away in the inaugural UEFA Nations League. Matches will begin on 6-8 September 2018 and will conclude on 18-20 November 2018.

    The other three League A Groups see Germany, France and Netherlands together; Belgium will play Switzerland & Iceland; and Portugal face Italy & Poland.
    The bottom team in each group will be relegated to League B and the winners will advance to the semi-final and final to be played in June 2019.
  •   Posted: 24th January 2018 11:56am