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England stay at 6th in September World Rankings

  • Loss to Spain but win against Switzerland

  • England will retain sixth position in the new FIFA World rankings published next week despite the 2-1 loss to Spain in their inaugural UEFA Nations League match. Using the new calculation method England lost 8 ranking points on Saturday before regaining 5 when they narrowly beat Switzerland 1-0 on Tuesday. Spain took charge of Group 4 following their win over the Three Lions and a 6-0 thrashing of World Cup finalists Croatia. England's next two matches in October will be away, firstly to an empty stadium in Croatia - punishment for racist chanting by Croatian fans back in 2015 - and then Seville for the return game against Spain. Spain themselves were awarded 17 ranking points for their two wins but only move one place to ninth behind Switzerland in eighth. Whilst FIFA's new ranking system irons out some of the flaws that the old system had it will take a while for ranking points to "settle down" and become meaningful. The only movement in the top ten is Belgium re-taking the top spot from World Cup Winners France.
    For comparison the more stable and reliable Elo Ratings have England at 11th, Spain 4th, Croatia 9th and Switzerland 14th.
  •   Posted: 13th September 2018 10:25am


  • England 1 - 0 Switzerland

  • Rashford scores for the second game in a row as England bounce back from defeat against Spain by beating Switzerland 1-0 in a friendly at Leicester.
  •   Posted: 11th September 2018 10:21pm

UEFA Nations League A Group 4

  • England 1 - 2 Spain

  • Spain seal inaugural UEFA Nations League win after England score first. England now have lost three games on the bounce, the first time since Euro '88.
  •   Posted: 8th September 2018 10:19pm

World Cup Semi-final

  • England 1-2 Croatia

  • Urgh! It's not coming home.

    But this is not the end of the story. England have fundamentally changed. As an England fan since 1982 I have never seen a team play with such confidence and fearlessness. Arise Sir Gareth.

    Yes, it's disappointing that England won't be in their second World Cup Final. But the future is bright. The young players coming through, who already know how to win tournaments U-17, U-21 etc, will bolster the squad.

    I get the feeling this is just the beginning...

    But in the meantime, don't fret. We don't have too long to wait.

    There's the new UEFA Nations League in the autumn and don't forget Euro 2020 when we can sing "It's Coming Home" All over again.


    The final is at Wembley.
  •   Posted: 12th July 2018 3:18am

World Cup Quarter-Final

  • England v Sweden

  • Sweden. What can we tell you about Sweden that you SHOULD already know? In some ways, Sweden is more an English team than England. Think Burnley. A well-managed, disciplined 4-4-2, equal to more than the sum of its parts. They were solid in the group stages where they beat Mexico and South Korea and if it wasn't for a late, late winner for Germany they would have been unbeaten so far. But, for all their solidness they have appeared quite impotent at the business end since the retirement of their iconic talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Their second round match against Switzerland, for example - a deflected winner was the only result from a hat-full of chances. Mind you, their opponents obliged be being even worse.
    England have a relatively even history with Sweden, two World Cup meetings, two World Cup qualifiers, two European Championships, two European Championship qualifiers - with a relatively even record in each, especially those two World Cup meetings - 2002 (1-1) and 2006 (2-2), both in the group stages.
    There should be nothing to fear here. This Swedish side is nothing compared to those erstwhile teams and certainly not as good as the side which England beat 3-2 in the group stages at Euro 2012. And after Colombia, and the roller coaster of England's first World Cup penalty shootout victory, we'd all be thankful of something a little bit more straightforward. Thanks in advance guys.
  •   Posted: 6th July 2018 1:44pm