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England likely to be unseeded for FIFA World Cup

  • England could face another difficult group stage

  • It might not be news to those of you who come here often. Englandstats has written on many occasion about the pointless friendlies England play each year. The way FIFA calculate the World Rankings penalises teams that play too many friendlies and England have had their fair share.
    The Three Lions are currently ranked 15th having slipped two further places in September despite winning both matches against Malta and Slovakia. As the hosts, Russia, will be given an automatic berth only the top seven teams will be seeded. The FIFA annoucement on 14th September 2017 that they will use the October 2017 ranking to seed all the teams gives England only two matches to try and increase their position on to the head table of international football. They will play Slovenia at Wembley followed by a trip to Lithuania. According to excellent research and simulations by football-rankings.info this gives England only a 0.01% chance of being a seed. In fact, Wales (59.84%) and Northern Ireland (0.15%) have a better chance of being seeded should they qualify.
    Once again, England, on the brink of qualfying, could go into a World Cup with the threat of two top ranking teams in their group and we all know how that went last time! Granted, to win the World Cup you have beat the best, so does it matter? And also, isn't it down to luck of the draw?

    Well, some of these things we are not in control of but you can mitigate them by sorting out the things that you are in control of.
  •   Posted: 15th September 2017 11:21am