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England qualify for the World Cup 2018

  • Job Done. But a lot more work to do.

  • England's qualification for the World Cup 2018 was pedestrian at best. Put into a relatively straight-forward group along with Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta, few would not have predicted England as group winners. But despite seven wins and two draws, England's qualification, with one game spare, was anything other than exciting. There will be few teams, few teams harbouring belief of winning the World Cup that is, that will lose sleep about facing Gareth Southgate's team. That said, at least we won't be expecting the usual hype which surrounds the England team at major tournaments and no-one can say that England have peaked too soon!

    Flippancy aside, we shall know a little bit more about the task at hand on December 1st when the main draw will be made in Moscow. England paid the price of bad planning during the last World Cup when they failed to get an easily acheivable seeded position and were promptly placed in a group with two previous World Cup winners. They were eliminated before the eventual winners, Germany, had even played their second match.
    This time around it looks like they've doggedly failed to help themselves again and will depend on luck once more in the draw.

    Before all of that England have their final group game aganst Lithuania on Sunday. Expect to see some of the understudies step up. Also now that both England and Germany have qualified expect to see a friendly at Wembley in November.
  •   Posted: 6th October 2017 1:00pm